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November 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

High Flying Birds.

I’m not sure if this band will be a rag tag group of coked up misfit ex-cheerleaders, or the greatest assembly of studio musicians the world has seen since….. ever. I wanted to say Paul McCartney, but I have a horribly difficult time giving him any praise.

So, the elder Gallagher is releasing his solo album this coming Tuesday. It follows a semi long buildup that began with teh release of what remains of Oasis in Beady Eye.  The album was good, a few tracks had some genius in them, but I am incredibly excited about Noel’s debut. For many reasons Noel was the best part of Oasis. He was the best at lyrics and pinching chords from reclaimed classic bands and tracks of the past, he was a lighthouse to the chaos of Liam, the perfectionist and driving mediator with the press. He also had some traits that didn’t help Oasis so much. His ego was of a sort that controlled the creative direction, he was slow to embrace the online experience with his fans and the medium music is delivered, and at times seemed less into being a “god” and more into being witty and legendary. Regardless, the sole reason I still dwell so much time on this band (now defunct) is Mr. Noel Gallagher.

I didn’t grow up with music videos, I didn’t know what any artists looked like until I headed to college. The only image I could grab of Bush or Pearl Jam was on this Friday night late show on NBC that replayed popular music videos. I hadn’t really gotten into any band, maybe Aerosmith or STP a bit, until I saw Noel and Oasis on their Unplugged broadcast some random Friday night.  Sounds kinda sad don’t it?  Well, from that time on I’ve been a huge Oasis fan,  and might trace them as the constant theme in my taste in music.  I’d joke with my friends that if Oasis were a girl I’d marry her, maybe it’s not a joke….. that’s sad.

Well, the thing that got me that random night in ’96 was Noel’s singing of Don’t Look Back In Anger, the following day I bought their album and the next week I bought Definitely Maybe. And if any of my friends back in the day remember, August 21st, 1997 was more important to me than breathing.

Noel Gallagher is a bit of a hero to me, so to finally have the day where his long awaited solo album comes out is a bit of a big deal for me, still. I’ve heard most of it already, with the many previews of it, and the album is full of songs that had for over a decade been in the antechamber of the Oasis catalogue. He’s been tinkering with these tracks for so long, having Liam try to record the vocals, picking up tempo, slowing them down, adding more instruments. Some of these tracks include Stop the Clocks, I Wanna Live in a Dream (In my Record Machine), A Simple Game of Genius, and If I had a Gun. I’ve spent too many of my hours on this planet listening to these tracks on youtube via a poorly recorded sound check in some random Brasilian city or Japanese arena.  Well I’ve hear them, and although he’ll never reach the level of fame he deserves these songs are heights over 90% of the last five albums Oasis put out.

What’s also been great is to see Noel stepping out behind Oasis and taking on webchats and interviews with a funny honesty that he rarely could show with Oasis. The dude is hilarious, and he pulls no punches with professional talking heads who consume creative work. I’ve enjoyed his interviews as much as I’ve enjoyed the snippets and early single releases of the record.

I’ll be eagerly awaiting word from my inbox notifying me of Noels visit to Texas – I’m not going to hold my breath though as well…. he hates Texas….. but maybe he likes Austin.

And for anyone who is looking for a christmas gift from me – you’ll be having to dust off your CD players.


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