January 24, 2016 § Leave a comment

Flavored Gummy Vitamins

Adult sippy cups

Coloring books

There seems to be a solidifying theme as the Generation X and Millennial generations grow into mortgages and children of there own.  We want the non hurtful/playful products we had as kids to be our products as adults. Even graphics to our new products (foods, apps, clothing, etc.) are all puffy bloated double syllable words they just shyly convey they could never do harm to the environment, to the stomach, to the skin.

Adults used to take a glass of water and horse sized pills every morning, they drank liquids without a moveable straw or siphon that is clipped out of the top, they didn’t communicate with winks and smiling emoticons, and they wouldn’t color their hair or wear a tutu for work. No embarrassment, almost a pride that the secret to not spilling liquid on themselves is to buy an oversized sippy cup and their illiteracy can be masked with smiley faces and images of poo.

Maybe it’s the craving for staying child-like, or maybe it’s fighting an aging body and mind, or possibly that always seeing the world as a safe and new experience on an hourly turn is far more digestible than dealing with the difficult complex labors that adults are engaged in.

Either which way, the “grown ups” sure like (or aren’t scared of) their childhood comforts- and these products are marking a certain point of view adulthood has taken in the past several years. Maybe it’s the wars, or the recessions, or the doubling in years of being in a classroom but what comes with sippy cups and crayons are companies more than happy to encourage the society of perpetual children who increasingly trust  industry to do all the adult-ing in the world, including changing the diapers and reading the books to us.



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