Uncut, Mycoskie, Neon Glasses, and Pee Wee: My SXSW

March 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Austin’s South By Southwest officially kicked off last Thursday and goes full bore into the next Sunday. Of course I’ve known it from the music it showcases and all the bands that come in droves to play small shows to huge audiences. I’m in the midst of seeing some great bands and staying up too late to do so.

What SXSW is also becoming respected for is it’s Film and Interactive Presence that run prior to the music days. In order to get free access to all the music I volunteered to be a grunt for the Interactive Panels that met in the Austin Convention Center. It turned out to be a great experience, I met some really good people and was able to catch some of the topics and people who sat in on the panels. The job I had was akin to herding cats, setting the room for the panel, and trying to generally be as informative to the guests and participants as I possibly could. Some of my highlights were as follows:

Talking with Casey Pugh of StarWars:Uncut about Charlie Sheen

Wondering during Blake Mycoskie’s keynote how crappy shoes sold for triple digits is a great business model

The Blogger Lounge

Being happily surprised by the comedian panel: Chris Hardwick and Carrie Brownstein?! Yes.

Confirming the maker of scvngr.com is a smart kid, and definitely insane

The volunteer crew of 18ABCD!

Seeing the visual note-taking of Ogilvy

Having Paul Reubens outcrowd Robert Rodriguez. The line traced the entire fourth floor of the convention center.

Being asked if ” (I) want to know about urthoughts?” at the trade show

Felicia Day

I felt the theme I saw most during the interactive panel was this idea of crowdsourcing for information and content. There seems to be a huge desire to use social websites (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare) in a more active way, not only as a passive tool but as an incentive program to invest in each other and our surroundings. This seems to really be driven by the advancement of the smart phone and the ability for people to not only receive information instantly on the activity around their location, but to contribute to that information. It’s a very exciting in concept – but do I really want people to know that I’m not home or that I’m home a lot!? and do I have to get a huge expensive phone that is more advanced than Apollo 13? Maybe next SX.


If Star Wars Was Real (It’s Not?!)

March 3, 2011 § Leave a comment


Came across this site (Star Wars Was Real) via another site (The Cool Hunter) – down the rabbit hole – and had to write a blurb on it. I had to, because it’s well – cool.  The premise of the site is to use old photos, adverbs, celebrities, and events to then photoshop a touch of Star Wars iconography into the past. Not only crushing the two worlds of George Lucas and our own, but the whole time warping between our own 1940’s and a Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

It’s great, and clever. Some posts have Emperor Palpatine running the oil industry, Boba Fett involved in the JFK assassination, and the Imperial Army somehow being involved in the Allies victory over the Germans in WWII. They might have also been involved on the side of the Nazi’s, but it’s a little foggy (like the amazing image of the AT-AT phantom looming over a deserted freeway loop). Regardless, most of the posts are from three years ago – so once again I’m last to know what’s cool.

Good thing I have learned not to care about being cool. Really – I don’t care.

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